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 Helping local people find local solutions for local needs

We actively fund a diverse range of projects; both large and small throughout developing mrkets, a selection is listed below of community projects that we at VANTAK strive to continue to develop.



Arts & Culture

  • Porto Amboim Program


Disability & Special Needs

  • Ongoing projects
  • Ongoing project support services UK


Education, Employment and Training

  • LG Academy (ISUP Porto Amboim)  
  • VANTAK Business Graduate Apprentice Initiatives   
  • Neomedic Angola, Product Awareness and advance Academy


  • Agricultural development and Restoration
  • The LOOK OUT PRROJECT(maintain and keep the beaches clean initiative)
  • Restoration Projects; VANTAK participated in the Installation of 43 wooden chalets in the National Park of Cangandala, Malange for the Restoration and Tourism projects nationwide for the Ministry of Ambient.

Family Values

  • Annual Achievement Festivals
  • Community Support Initiative
  • Bumble Bees Mother & Toddler Group

Health & Social Issues

  • Neomedic Pharmaceutical Initiative Group
  • Neomdic Diposable medical equipment Distribution and Delivery Services UK
  • Community Wellbeing & Heath awareness forum  
  • VANTAK Seeds of Hope Case Study
  • UNAIDS awareness initiative and support.

 Information Technology and Equipment

  • Computer Donation Initiative
  • IT training and awareness in Provinces   
  • Internet advance training / facility donation for students of low income families

Sport / Recreation Activities

  • Sports and recreation Initiative
  • Community Recreation and Football Club Facility
  • Young Vibes Initiative



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What we do

We provide philanthropy services to families, companies, trusts by managing funds, building endowment and being the vital link between local donors and local needs; investing back into our communities – where we live, work and play.


We empower people by:

Working with local donors and pooling the donations of philanthropically minded individuals and community-minded companies into an Endowment Fund; providing a permanent and growing fund for activities that strengthen community today and in perpetuity;

Working with the community heatlth care, supporting local voluntary and community activity through a programme of constructive grant making in health care  capacity building; we are able to award grants to grassroots groups that do not have charitable status, but do make a local impact.

Our health care product ranges include a combination of sound quality, well branded, high volume consumables along with higher value, advanced medical disposables.


Our Mission

We are an independent organization for the benefit primarily for developing and other emerging countries, providing philanthropy services and making grants to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged communities in our region.



  • We want to inspire local giving to change lives

Our Aims:

  • We want to build stronger communities and enrich lives through giving grants and support
  • We want to help the young people and businesses to manage their goals by supporting and developing their dreams into reality.
  • We want to build an endowment, a sustainable fund that will benefit our communities in perpetuity
  • We want to influence critical issues affecting our communities
  • We want to re-ignite philanthropy in our region 


  • We want to promote and support local giving for social and medical healthcare, benefit or change in developing countries.