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One vision can have many interpretations


Emerging markets still remain supreme: 

Opportunities exists and remain in many locations in developing regions during this time to commence your organisations awareness in the marketplace.

                                                  "Indispensable Solutions"

We deliver professional results from our HQ throughout the UK and to international clients, offering professional advice on establishing International, Distribution Project Management Solutions and Incentive Marketing. Working with our associated brand managers T.B Consulting with years of corporate branding exeperience in the European markets, clients can feel rest assured of achieving sprctacular results. 

VANTAK's Global interest are far reaching


We also believe that things should be easy to understand, hence we are completely open about pricing and how we work. Let’s be honest, how much our service costs is going to be one of the first questions you ask us, so contact us today and know how our strategies works. You will also notice that we reward increased volume with lower pricing, why not, because as you grow so do we, it’s a very simple model which benefits us both. We passionately believe we can help your business grow in markets such as the emerging markets, by helping you deliver the promise made to your customers, at the same time giving you the time to focus on making your business bigger and better than ever before.

Our clients put a huge amount of trust in us to look after their business, brands and investment projects this is a responsibility we take very seriously.




We follow a Strategy.

We at VANTAK never enter into projects without having a thought process to our strategy plan and this is something that a successful company does. Having a well thought out business plan is very important. The plan doesn’t have to be lengthy, but needs to include things like goals, marketing ideas, your intentions, etc.  We ensure to update our clients with revised business plan strategies every 5 (five) days so that it includes any new ideas that we feel need to be to implemented.

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Who are VANTAK Global Services.


Our mission at VANTAK Global Services, is to make what we do as simple as possible, yet getting client fulfillment right can be one of the biggest headaches for a growing organisation. Being simple doesn’t mean it is easy to get right, however the harder we work in improving what we do, the more we delight your clients.


VANTAK may be a growing organization , we have over a decade of experience providing brand distribution and investment projects services to leading brands such as  LGE, Samsung, TCL, Neomedic Ltd, UNiAids and SOLiD. Even though we work with larger organizations offering services in the Oil & Gas, and the Telecommunications industry, we understand the needs of smaller companies too, we don’t treat them any differently to our larger clients, we still provide the highest level of service, irrelevant of project volumes. We never forget that every business was once a start-up.


To us it’s not all about systems, although they do help makes things simpler and more efficient, for us, it’s all about people. If you are considering outsourcing your brand or investment opportunities or just want to know more about us or the possibilities in the emerging markets, contact us and let us to talk to you how we can help you grow your business.


Our strategist


The infrastructure of developing countries and other cities around the world are constantly changing, so do we to meet their needs.

Skyline of Luanda

Over the past decade emerging markets have witnessed and  become the world’s most exciting economic frontier, transforming nation states and offering hope to a new generation of accomplished and engaged youth. By 2035 the number of Africans joining the working age population will exceed that of the rest of the world combined, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).



We are fast becoming a leader in the supply and delivery of intergrated medical disposables.

For both government and non-government medical facilities, you’ll find that unlike many other manufacturers or distributors, we don’t just take orders. We work with you to identify your specific needs so that you are positioned to make the cost-effective purchasing decisions and secure the right product or service for your patients… and that’s what it’s all about!



To our customers, this means we help you focus on what matters the most, and that’s improving patient’s lives. We also thrive on connecting new innovation with the medical community (in both the government & non-government sectors), delivering on our promise


We also thrive on connecting new innovation with the medical community (in both the government & non-government sectors), both on our same day delivery throughout the United Kingdom, our promise of a reliable service and on being a conduit to help bridge all types of gaps between manufacturers & their end-users.

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                                           VANTAK Global Services have services in the United Kingdom and Emeging Markets




Distribution & Logistics


Distribution should be seamless. Seamless comes from giving your customers delivery and collection choices that make life easier.

We are a supplier of Mdeical dispoable products and can deliver direct to our clients upon orders taken and confirmed payment received.


Our deliveries come with end-to-end tracking and control. Seamless is how easy it feels when you trust the right people to distribute your products.

Distrubute with VANTAK Global Services. Because the next day is only the next day when someone makes it happen.


We believe customers are made loyal by their experiences. Create a better experience, and you create a bigger business.

We believe the process should be as simple and painless as it sounds.

Automatic integration places your orders directly into our systems, so nothing falls between the cracks and everything moves faster.

Bulk or single items. Retail, wholesale or both. Streamlining your processes is easy when you talk to VANTAK Global Services .

    Our Partners

Samsung (S.Korea)
Neomedic Angola, Lda
Sodexo Angola, Lda




Telecommunications Services

Professional Services

VANTAK’s Network Solutions department was formed in 2010 as a telecommunications distributior and contractor originally headquartered in United Kingdom.


The concept behind this is simple: VANTAK provides a one-stop solution for our customers telecommunications needs – eliminating the need to contract with multiple vendors. This approach was cemented in April 2015 with the onset of our relationship with SOLiD Technologies specifically for Sub Sahara Africa.


Realiabiity of Services in today's Market.

In today’s competitive marketplace, responsibility and accountability are key. We are committed to providing our customers with a professional, reliable & prompt commincation service every time.

Our the last year in Angola we have been involved in many exciting and important projects including the innovation and introduction of additions to Telecommunication engineering and installation projects in Angola.

More exciting news to follow:


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"Team work makes the dream work "

We as a company are proud of the our accomplishments both in Angola and other ongoing projects within Africa. 

With our diverse team of consultants and managers skilled with a multitude of languages and diverse dialects, we remain confident to be at the cutting edge with our knowledge of each demographic.

VANTAK's primary regional Interests

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Marginal de Luanda

Specialising in all aspects of the design, building and construction 

We bring experience and passion to all our building & design projects.

We offer commercial construction with focus on speed, quality and cost efficiency

We manage all stages of the process including design and construction. Our trusted network of international and regional architects, consultants, together with our skilled accredited  tradesmen, we can realise all your plans to the highest standards

We are experienced in a range of building projects that are tailored to each client's specific needs. We understand that a construction project is about more than just getting the building up. The management of stakeholders and impacts on the local community are key success factors.

From residential renovations to new apartment buildings, we have a strong track record in construction services, including the experience to add real value in the early stages of a project’s development – we do more than just build great buildings, we’re an integral part of a project development's core team.


Our Commitment.

VANTAK helps small businesses become bigger. We help big businesses deliver more effectively on their promises. And we help global leaders deliver the sort of brand enhancing services that keep customers loyal. What can we do for you?




Marketing Strategies

Marketing Consultant Team

We want to help your business grow. We do that by taking care of the tasks and processes that demand your time and effort and attention for the emerging market place.

The result? You’re free to control where your business takes you tomorrow, while we focus on keeping your customers happy today.


Experties benefits.

We achieve the best possible outcomes by pursuing excellence in every facet of our work from pre to post-construction. With  27 years  of  team experience VANTAK ensures that we remain focused on the detail and flexible in all situations.


Leadership and Community support. 

Updating info:  Visit us again soon!


VANTAK take full responsibility of your business interest

We never let the fact that an idea has already been tried by someone else detour us. As a creative organization we know that there are always better ways to do projects – or at the very least, to market projects. There isn’t an idea out there that can’t be expanded upon, improved, or enhanced. Making sure that we at VANTAK think outside of the box will ensure that we are keeping our strategies fresh and unique..

we Consider start ups, so you to can develop